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1977 DeTomaso Pantera GTS

Year1977MakeDeTomasoModelPantera GTS
Engine351C/350 HPTransmission5 SpeedPrice$85,000.
I have to say that the DeTomaso Pantera GTS has always been one of our favorite cars of all time. We personally own one of the best all original GTS's in the World showing a mere 2900 original miles so I can honestly say we are somewhat of an expert of these wonderful cars. It is a rare thing to come across an all original example of anything good. This GTS was the last series of cars that the Lincoln-Mercury dealers sold new thru their Dealer Network. They were a flop in the US being gas was a wopping .59 cents a gallon & the 60's Muscle Car craze was dead already ! The US got there last shot of these bad ass Pantera's by the end of 1974. DeTomaso made their basic GTS design well after they stopped importing them into the States. There were only 97 GTS's imported to the US that year, but the Factory still made these thru out 1978. These Pantera GTS's had the following options that seperated them from any other Pantera : All chrome blacked out Ferrero steering wheel, "GTS" wheel hub logos, "GTS" script mounted where "Pantera" script was (on the rear), "Pantera" script in place of "DeTomaso" script (on the rear), Flat black rocker panel stripe widened and "DeTomaso Pantera GTS" written on the side stripe, "Pantera GTS" on the rear engine bay deck, Gloss black metallic front hood and rear compartment deck, Dash mounted clock installed & a GTS emblem on the gear-shift knob. This example is a rare car to the States for it was imported in or around 1985 from Europe. The Euro cars had no large US spec bumpers front & rear...instead they had the cooler small Euro bumpers that show off the original body shape that everyone loved. It also had no Pop riveted fiberglass fender flairs as on the US versions, instead they had the normal flaired body as the stock "L" models had in the US. It did, however, have another 20 horsepower more than the US car that was tuned down to meet EPA rules, as this one from Europe has 350 real ponies at your disposal. They also came w/the 10" wide rear Campy wheels, unlike my US car having 8" wheels all around. Production for 1977 was only a total of 74 Pantera's...but that included all GT3, GT4 & all race cars, so to say it is a rare car is an understatement. This car I am happy to say is an unmodified GTS wearing most of it's originaL Red & Black paintwork from 1977. It also has all it's original decals on it from new as well as 100% of it's original interior including the original "mouse hair" dash covering. This has it's original matching # 351 Clevelad motor. It has cold Factory Air Conditioning. The car runs fantastic & quite cool while utilizing it's Fluidyne High Performance aluminum radiator (the only added on non-original item). If you have not had one of these attached to your right foot...& I mean a really good one...this may be the GTS for your personal collection since I have mine already.